Microbiology review questions | Biology homework help


Week10ReviewSheet I




1.   Whatdoesbactericidalmean?Bacteriostatic?Virucidal?Fungistatic?


2.   Whyarecontrolculturesnecessaryinevaluatingdisinfectants?


3.   Whatfactorscaninfluencetheactivityofadisinfectant?


4.   Whydomicroorganismsdifferintheirresponsetodisinfectants?


5.   Whatmicroorganismsaremostsusceptibleto disinfectants?


EXERCISE2-AntimicrobialAgentSusceptibilityTestingand Resistance


1.   Whatismeantbyantimicrobialresistance?Susceptibility?


2.   Whyarepureculturesusedforantimicrobialsusceptibilitytesting?


3.   Woulditbeacceptabletouseamixedcultureforthistest?Why?


4.   Listthreefactorsthatcaninfluencetheaccuracyofthetest.


5.   Whenperformingabrothdilutiontest,whyis itnecessaryto includea growthcontroltube?







1.   Whatdoestheterm IMViCmean?


2.   Whyis theIMViCusefulinidentifyingEnterobacteriaceae?Arefurtherbiochemicaltests necessaryforcompleteidentification?


3.   WhatdiagnostictestdifferentiatesProteusandProvidenciaspeciesfrom other



4.   HowisE.colidistinguishedfrom P. vulgarisonMacConkeyagar?OnaTSIslant?


5.   Whyisitimportanttodifferentiateglucosenonfermentersfrom Enterobacteriaceae?


EXERCISE4–Streptococci,Pneumococci,and Enterococci


1.   Differentiatethemicroscopicmorphologyofstreptococciandpneumococciasseenby




2.   Whattypeof hemolysisis producedbyS. pneumoniae?


3.   HowisS.pneumoniaedistinguishedfrom otherstreptococciwiththesamehemolytic properties?


4.   Describethehemolysisproducedbyalphahemolytic,beta-hemolytic,andnonhemolytic streptococci.


5.   Whattypeofhemolysisis displayedbythegroupablestreptococcithataremostpathogenic forhumanbeings?




1.   Whatis bacteriuria?Whenis itsignificant?


2.   Howdomicroorganismsentertheurinarytract?


3.   Whyisasepticurinecollectionimportantwhenculturesareordered?


4.   Listfivebacteriathatcancauseurinarytractinfection.


5.   Ifyoucounted20 coloniesfrom a0.01mlinoculumofa1:10dilutionofurine,howmany organismspermilliliterof specimenwouldyoureport?Isthisnumbersignificant?



Week10ReviewSheet II




1.   Defineserumtiter.


2.   Whatareacuteandconvalescentsera?Whymustbothbetestedtomakeaserological diagnosisof infectiousdisease?


3.   Whatis thedifferencebetweenanagglutinationtestanda precipitationtest?


4.   Ina pairedserumsample,whattestresultsindicaterecentinfection?


5.   Whatis ahumoralantibody?




1.   Whydomicrobiologistswearlaboratorycoats?Didyouconfirmthatthisisnecessary?


2.   Whyisitnecessarytowearclean,protectiveclothingwhencaringforapatient?


3.   Whyshouldhairbekeptcleanandoutofthewaywhencaringforpatients?


4.   Howcanthenumberofmicroorganismsintheenvironmentbecontrolled?


5.   Whenandwhyis handwashingimportantinpatientcare?


6.   Howcanthosewhocareforpatientsavoidspreadingmicroorganismsamongthem?




1.   Differentiatethemicroscopicmorphologyofstaphylococciandstreptococciasseenby



2.   Whatarethetwotypesofstaphylococcalcoagulase?


3.   Whatis proteinA?Describeonemethodofdetectingit.


4.   Whatpropertiesof S.aureusdistinguishitfrom S.epidermidisandS.saprophyticus?


5.   Whyarestaphylococcalinfectionsfrequentamonghospitalpatients?



Must have APA citation and include questions and answers.

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