Biological anthropology quiz | Biology homework help

Biological Anthropology “QUIZ”

Why does the fossil record have gaps and fragments?
a. There is only a small chance of a fossil forming, being preserved, and then found millions of years later.
b. The remains of animals are found deep in the unreachable layers of the earth. 
c. A divine creator stepped in and assisted in the process of evolution.
d. Scientists have destroyed the evidence of the fossils that belong in these gaps.

Determining the actual base sequence of a gene is called 
a. Protein electrophoresis.
b. RNA sequencing.
c. DNA sequencing.
d. Target sequencing.

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of biological anthropology?
a. Understanding human variation through genetics and culture
b. Categorizing human variation through social and behavioral sciences
c. Recognizing human variation through history and artifacts
d. Examining human variation through research and evolution

What happens when a mother cell divides into two daughter cells?
a. Genetic material is deposited into one of the cells.
b. No genetic material is deposited into the cells.
c. Genetic material is deposited into each daughter cell.
d. No genetic material is accessible during this stage. 

What is heritability?
a. A given trait’s incidence within a particular population
b. A comparison of the phenotypes of fraternal and identical twins
c. The proportion of a given trait’s variation caused by genetics
d. The variation of a phenotype that is caused solely by genetics

What aspect of Mendel’s law of segregation does the Punnett Square enable us to see more clearly?
a. Which gene is dominant
b. Possible phenotypes of offspring
c. Which gene is recessive
d. Possible genotypes of offspring

When would a mutation be considered “good”?
a. When it becomes common in a large population
b. When it enhances an organism’s chances of survival
c. When it affects appearance but not fitness
d. When it is directly related to chromosome structure

How does a dominant, yet often fatal, condition like Huntington’s disease remain the population?
a. The disease usually first presents in middle age, after many people have reproduces
b. It is a sex-linked trait, so it tends to skip generations
c. You need two copies of a dominant allele in order to present the dominant phenotype
d. This condition is directly influenced by the environment

What do post-Mendelian genetic concepts such as quantitative variation, polygenic traits, and pleiotropy suggest about the possible future course of genetic research?
a. Geneticists need to study how new gene combinations can be assembled on recombinant chromosomes to cure genetic diseases.
b. Geneticists need to develop better ways to examine traits with different and non-overlapping phenotypic variants.
c. Geneticists need to study how genes work together to produce complex phenotypes in the context of complex environments.
d. Geneticists need to need to develop better ways to measure genetic heritability between different ethnic populations.

Where does variation come from?
a. Mutation
b. Gene flow
c. Founder’s effect
d. Sexual selection

Gene flow is __________________.
a. The movement of genes between generations.
b. The movement of genes between relatives.
c. The movement of genes between populations.
d. The movement of genes between species.

What is the ultimate filter for which traits are maintained by natural selection?
a. The environment
b. Mate preference
c. Social approval
d. Random chance

Natural selection favors particular ____________.
a. Alleles
b. Genoes
c. Genotypes
d. Phenotypes

According to the biological species concept, speciation is the formation of one or more new species through ____________________.
a. Habitat modification
b. Reproductive isolation
c. Behavioral adaptation
d. Genetic engineering

How do individuals benefit from inclusive fitness?
a. They help others of higher social status, which improves their rank in the group
b. They help others who share their genes, thus effectively passing on some of their own genes to the next generation
c. They help other individuals who can be relied upon to return the favor in the future
d. They help others as a way of learning a new skill, which will ultimately help them survive and reproduce

It was noted that the finches on Galápagos developed longer, stronger beaks during periods of draught. This is an example of ____________.
a. Sexual selection
b. Disruptive selection
c. Stabilizing selection
d. Directional selection

Which variable has an impact on the frequency of sickle cell anemia?
a. The color of an individual’s skin
b. The presence of malaria
c. The age of a population
d. The incidence of HIV

What did early approaches to anthropology mainly focus on?
a. Race and racial classifications
b. Human evolution
c. Societally defined group designations
d. Natural selection

What is thought to be a selective agent for cystic fibrosis, creating a balanced polymorphism in some populations?
a. Malaria
b. Sickle-cell anemia
c. Tuberculosis
d. Influenza

Which group of people is lactose intolerant?
a. Children with the dominant allele for lactase
b. Northern European children
c. Only Asian adults
d. Most adult humans

Who is most likely to find it useful to use group designations such as “American Black” and “American White”?
a. A geographer cataloging the settlement of populations in Central and South 
b. A geneticist looking at gene flow between Africa and different North and South 
American populations
c. An anthropologist who is studying human evolution in the United States
d. A medical scientist who is investigating a disease in the United States

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